Minor, For A Short Time!

While taking Oratane you can do most things you normally do – unless you have been told not to by your doctor or this booklet advises against it. Some minor changes may need to be made to your lifestyle to make it easier for you to deal with the effect the medication has on you. You will have to make sure that you look after yourself by eating properly and caring for your skin. It is important that you read and understand about all the potential side effects, but remember that you will not get all of them. Once you have finished your Oratane treatment your life will be back to normal, only without acne!

Oratane DOs and DON’Ts

There are some other important things you need to be careful of while you are taking Oratane. These are:

  • Do wear a sunscreen, 30+ is best.
  • Don’t drink a lot of alcohol.
  • Don’t donate blood until at least four weeks after you have stopped taking your Oratane.
  • Don’t take any Vitamin A supplements (check your multivitamins).

Before isotretinoin

After isotretinoin

Other Important Points

While taking Oratane you should not take any tetracyclines. These are antibiotics, which you may have tried for your acne, in the past. Tetracyclines include Doxy, Doryx®, Minomycin® and Vibra-Tabs®.

Oratane can also affect you if you do a lot of physical training or sport. You may experience muscle fatigue which can lead to poor performance. You should also try to avoid contact sports while you are taking Oratane. If you are training for an upcoming event or playing a seasonal sport you may wish to delay your Oratane treatment until a more convenient time. While you are using Oratane you should try to avoid using creams or gels that may irritate your skin. This includes products like sports gels and arthritis creams.